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2017~2018 National Repertory Season
2017-2018 National Repertory Season

In its 2017-2018 season, National Repertory Season is meeting a new turning point. As the renovation kicks off for Haeoreum Grand Theater, which has not gone through any big change since its opening in 1973, National Repertory Season moves beyond its central location of Namsan Mountain and reaches out to several venues outside. Setting off with a spatial change, this season is yet another starting point for new changes and challenges as well. For if the last five seasons were a period of continuous innovation in order to add the layer stemming from changes of our times onto our traditions, we are now entering a phase where our production and management need to pay more attention to greater depth and sophistication, refining the quality of Korean arts based on tradition.
Moving from National Theater of Korea to Seoul Arts Center, LG Arts Center, Myeongdong Theater and Daejeon Arts Center, 2017-2018 National Repertory Season takes a big step closer to the audience. Among the 44 productions that constitute the 2017-2018 season, new productions of our resident companies are more cutting-edge than before and repertory works gained greater maturity. When Spring Comes of National Dance Company of Korea and The Wildfire of National Changgeuk Company of Korea are new large-scale pieces fully using the features of Haeoreum Grand Theater, revealing the powerful capability of creation and production the two companies have. Also, major repertories –TrojanWomen, Mr.Heungbo, The Banquet, Scent of Ink, Masterpiece and Best Collection- prepare to meet the audience with upgraded performances for different venues.
This season, National Theater of Korea embarks on another reinvention for the tomorrow of our tradition.
If National Theater of Korea for the past seasons has been expanding the spectrum of traditional performing arts by collaborating with excellent artists from various disciplines and creating contemporary works rooted in tradition, it now proposes to build the tradition of tomorrow by working with young artists. You can raise your expectations to see how the young artists in National Changgeuk Company of Korea’s Different Angle on Changgeuk, National Dance Company of Korea’s Next Step and National Orchestra of Korea’s Resident Composers Program: Next will cultivate the future of changgeuk, Korean dance and Korean orchestral music, and generate new tradition with their liberated and vigorous imagination.
Also in this season, the resident companies will continue to actively engage with the audience internationally. After its successful performance in Paris, Shinganè Naï of National Dance Company of Korea, co-produced by National Theater of Korea and Chaillot National Theater, is invited to MAC(Maison des Arts de Créteil) as its opening performance of 2017-2018 season. National Changgeuk Company of Korea’s TrojanWomen will be performed in Singapore International Festival of Arts in September before going to Brighton Festival and London International Festival of Theatre next year, proving the level of Korean tradition at the heart of the UK, home of dramatic arts.
I sincerely hope for your continued interest and encouragement for 2017-2018 National Repertory Season which attempts another reinvention at this time of change. I extend my deepest gratitude to all the audience who has been with us along the growth of National Repertory Season as well as those who will be part of creating this new season together. Thank you.