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2016~2017 National Repertory Season
2016-2017 National Repertory Season

National Repertory Season is an annual season program where innovative new offerings and best repertoire are presented by national art groups that are at the apex of Korea performance art scene. The program originally was started in September 2012 by national art organizations such as Korean National Ballet and National Chorus of Korea with focus on National Dance Company of Korea and National Orchestra of Korea which are directly affiliated with National Theater of Korea. The <2016-2017 National Repertory Season> will be the opportunity to appreciate even more refined repertoire through repeat performances, unique performances specially designed by National Theater of Korea and invited international performances.

Latest offerings by the very best artists of our age!
The official opening performance of 2016-2017 National Repertory Season is <L'Orfeo> by National Changgeuk Company of Korea. Lee So-young, the opera director who managed to deliver dignity and energy of the original pansori version through her own Changgeuk rendition of <Jeokbyeokga> in the last season repertoire, works with National Changgeuk Company of Korea once again. <Rhinoceros> originally produced by Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, the globally renowned French producer, will be presented in October. Which is to be followed by <Trojan Women> at the Small Hall, DAL in November, a new performance of National Changgeuk Company of Korea by Director Ong Keng Sen who was the art director at Singapore Art Festival. It is a highly expected performance thanks to collaboration of top artists such as Bae Sam-sik (script), Ahn Sook-sun (pansori composition) and Jeong Jae-il (composition) For April, Director Koh Sun-woong who was successful with <Madame Ong> is preparing <Mr. Heungbo>.
Rounding up top repertoire of National Theater of Korea!
This 5th season of National Theater of Korea aims to round up the top repertoire from the past 4 seasons. <Mukhyang> and <Hyangyeon> directed by Jung Ku-ho are planned for October 2016 and February 2017 respectively. And <Whirldwind> choreographed by Tero Saarinen and <Shigane Nai> choreographed by Jose Montalvo will be offered in succession for March and April of 2017. <Madame Ong> by Koh Sun-woong that won praises in Paris for 3 successive years and <The Caucasian Chalk Circle> of National Changgeuk Company of Korea produced by Jeong Ui-sin will return for the new season too.
Madangnori and NT Live, specifically designed by National Theater of Korea
Madangnori of National Theater of Korea, one of the representative performances at year-end and early year seasons returns as all-new <Madangnori Nolbo>. <Jane Eyre> and <Frankenstein> will be prepared for NT Live in February 2017. They comprise the classic series of NT Live.
Representative works and performances of national art organizations in diverse genres
Korean National Ballet and National Chorus of Korea are both working on 2 performances for this season. <Spartacus> by Korean National Ballet will be presented in a while at National Theater of Korea. Also the team is preparing <Rising Start 2 Gala>, a collection of best performances and follow-up of <Rising Start 1 Gala> from last September. National Chorus of Korea will present <2016 National Chorus of Korea REPERTORY COLLECTION>, literally the collection of popular songs in 2016. <Te Deum by Marc-Antonie Charpentier> is planned for April 2017.
In addition to performances by direct affiliates of National Theater of Korea and other national art groups, the audience will also be able to enjoy performances in diverse genres such as <Time of Exhalation> by Mabangzen and <Special Performance for 20th Anniversary of Yang Bang-eon> (tentative title) by Endorf Music.