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Parking Lot

The NTOK has a parking lot in which about 350 vehicles can be accommodated.
When the Haeoreum Grand Theater or all the theaters of the NTOK hold performances, or in the weekend, the parking lot is likely to be full. We recommend our visitors to take public transportation in order to prevent difficulties in parking.

Parking Rate

Parking Rate
CATEGORY Small-sized vehicle Large-sized vehicle
Open From 5 am to 12 pm From 5 am to 12 pm
Parking Rate ₩1,000 for less than 30min. ₩2,000 for less than 30min.
Additional Rate ₩25,000 ₩50,000
Mazimum Rate a Day ₩500/10min. ₩1,000/10min.
Voucher Maximum rate
  • - Vouchers must be returned upon leaving.
  • - Parking for less than ten minutes is free.
  • - Audience for performance pay a fixed rate of 3,000 when parking from an hour prior to performance time until an hour after performance is over.
  • - Vouchers, advance payment discount and tickets for performance must be returned upon leaving.
  • - The NTOK is not responsible for lost items or other accidents.
  • - Parking for less than two hours is free when the visitor is verified by the department he or she visits.
  • - Overnight parking is not allowed. Violation fee is ₩25,000.

Detailed Parking Rate

Detailed Parking Rate
Category Parking Rate Additional
Time Rate
General Public 30 min. ₩1,000 ₩500/10min.
  • - Free for less than 20 min.
  • - Maximum rate for cars :₩25,000/day
  • - Maximum rate for buss:₩50,000/day
50% discount 50% discount The Disabled/Patriots and veterans/Small-sized cars
Visitors Business Free Confirmation by staff in charge of parking is requried.
Other visits (2 hr.) Free ₩500/10min. Confirmation by visited department is required.
Performance or Administration Staff 5 hr. ₩3,000 ₩500/10min. Rate for one day is limited
Performance Audience 1 hr. prior to and after the performance ₩3,000 ₩500/10min. Parking voucher must be presented upon leaving.
Events Audience 1 hr. prior to and after the event ₩1,000/hr. ₩500/10min. Confirmation on the voucher by staff in charge of the event is required.
Culture Square Rental 4 hr. ₩1,000/hr. ₩500/10min. Only vehicles belonging to who rented the Culture Square

Advance Payment

Advance Payment

Visitors can pay not only upon leaving but also before leaving the NTOK.

  • Parking Rate : ₩3,000 (from 1hr. Prior to performance time to 1hr. after performance)
  • At the Haeoreum Grand Theater Box Office & the Daloreum Theater Box Office
  • Visitors can pay whenever during the time an hour prior to the start time to the end of performance.
  • Vouchers and discount ticket must be returned.
    ※ In case of not paying in advance, vouchers, tickets for performance must be returned and 2,000 won of parking rate should be paid.