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Traditional and Groundbreaking, these are the two faces of the National Orchestra The National Orchestra of Korea is a government-established orchestra of traditional Korean instruments, founded in 1995 with Beomhun Park as the first artistic director. Later, the Orchestra was led by Sangil Han, Sanghwa Choi, Byeongki Hwang and currently under the direction of Won Il, the fifth Artistic Director.

Since its founding, the National Orchestra has been trying to globalize and popularize Korean music by creating new national music based on diverse musical achievements over the past 10 years. In particular, playing modified Korean instruments and new creations combining Korean classical music with western music enabling Korean music to become more globally widespread. In addition, the National Orchestra is increasing their reputation as a public art organization by developing original works, diversifying performing methods and techniques, and through bold and progressive repertoires that transcend genre, generations and nationality.