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Permanent exhibition room located in 2nd floor of the museum is divided into two sections: Performing Arts History section, displaying historical flow of Korean performing arts and Performing Arts Theme section explaining each steps and characteristics of performances before being put on the stage.

Performing Arts
History Exhibition

Performing Arts History Exhibition room consists three spaces according to time period.

Space 1 : Performing Art, looking for their origins
You can study the origins of performing arts through video materials consisting traditional performance found in old murals and paintings.
Space 2 : Performing Art, they bloom
Modern performing arts and related materials are exhibited in this space.
Space 3 : Performing Art, they form a forest
Performing arts from the establishment of the National Theater of Korea until today and performing arts at the time before and after the Korean War.
  • 1. looking for their origins1. looking for their origins
  • 2. they bloom2. they bloom
  • 3. they form a forest3. they form a forest

Performing Arts
Theme Exhibition

Performing Arts Theme Exhibition room consists of Room of Artists, Stage Design and Stage Costumes.

Room of Artists
This place is to celebrate the achievements of the artist and to reveal the characteristics of the genre. There are Play Room, Music Room and Dance Room keeping creative atmosphere by displaying actual keepsakes and donated materials.
Stage Design Corner
This corner exhibits finer model, the custom-built theater, stage designs and various stage props that were used during performances.
Stage Costumes Corner
Actual costumes used in performances can be seen at this place. Stage costumes from <Tae>, <Play Aristocrat>, <Britannicus>, <The Tragedy of King Gongmin, Pamoggi(The Story of Broken Dream)> are on display.
  • Room of ArtistsRoom of Artists
  • Stage Design CornerStage Design Corner
  • Stage Costumes CornerStage Costumes Corner

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